One of my favourite graphic design aspects is poster advertising. Here are some examples.
A new poster for the 2020 'Covid-19'-edition of the Weerde Mountainbike tour.

Marketing poster for the extra concert performance of Clouseau at the Weerde Bierfeesten of 2016.

The 2018 edition of the Weerdse Bierfeesten poster.

Original rebranding of the Annual Mountainbike Event in Weerde.

2016 version of the Annual Mountainbike Event in Weerde poster.

Poster advertising for a community garage sale.

This political group organized a boating trip to engage youth into politics.

They also asked me to create a poster for their spaghetti dinner fund raising event.

This poster - and the product featured - was created way back in the nineties for a company called Motip.

In 2003 my poster proposal was chosen for the Municipal Artists Route.

Poster for a fashion show event.

Quiz poster I did for the local youth branch of N-VA.

Eppegem's football women asked Visuolize to create their party fund raiser event branding, including this poster.

In 2004 many festivities took place to commemorate the end of WW2. This particular liberation celebration took place in the city of Tienen.

Posters fro numerous events were created for the local football team. This is one of them.

The Summer Fest is an annual highlight in Zemst. It also features a street run and a bicycle tour. This is the poster for the latter.

This is the poster for the street run at the Summer Fest in Weerde. 

Of course the Summer Fest is a festival with food, drinks and music, this is the most recent version of the marketing poster.

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