Check out some of a broad variety and number of logos I have created over the years. New logos are added regurarly.
Stan and Brett are two young guys combining studies with a small business. Their start-up focuses on demolition and soil works. I designed a logo for their project which will eventually become their business company. The logo features two arrows, down for 'demolition' and up for 'reconstruction'. The down arrow is the most prominent one. The house shape is the main element.
Cycl-O-tours is a new concept that I created for myself as a means to express and combine my hobbies of design, cycling, travel and photography. The shown photo was also taken by me, in Norway.
Dorien Daems is an independant midwife and was looking for a rebranding of her practition. Visuolize created this logo and style using her initials, a heart and a pregnant woman as building stones.
Zóó Anders (Só Different) is a new childs clothing webshop. I was asked to create the logo for this artisan nordic style influenced modern fashion for kids web store based in central Belgium. The webshop will launch by the end of 2018.
Walking and 'Duvel' beer lovers 'Stappende Duvelkes' asked me to make a new and devilish logo for their walking club. The glass represents the typical Duvel beer and the devil's tail depicts a path or trail.

The logo of my own design studio, representing an eye that refers to visualization and the letter V combined with my initials OC.

Logo for the bicycle repair service shop Vélo Service. Background photo by

2015 rebranding of the music and beer festival 'Weerdse Bierfeesten' introducing a new logo and marketing style.

Patrick and Ilse aka Ilske run the café P'ilske in Paal. P, Ilske, Pils and a beer bottle cap are all featured in this logo.

Beer logo for the rebranding of Pee Ikske blonde beer by Chiro Weerde.

Logo for early bookers of tickets on the tickets of Weerdse Bierfeesten.

Highdrove is a consultancy agency for a broad range of commercial activities. The logo is based on a street name and its view in the landscape which also depicts a graphic in commercial statistics.

This logo was created for the annual mountainbike event in Weerde (translated 'straight through Weerde's Hell). 
Background photo by

Housing and the F and R play the most important role in this logo.

Music for Life / De Warmste Week is an annual charity event brought by Studio Brussel. Weerdse Bierfeesten asked me to make a logo for their own music and fundraising activity supporting this.

Some sketching was needed to create the dynamics of this logo for a consultancy agency promoting all aspects of cycling in modern day life.

The Iron Buffalo Riders were a bunch of friends on motorcycles. They decided to start a motorfriends touring club after they had been caught up on their bikes in a hurd of bison in Yellowstone National Park. This logo was created in 1999.

Informance is all about the performance of information in management solutions: using the right channels and putting the right pieces of the puzzle into place.

CRS is an Amsterdam based agency focussing on real estate credit recovery.

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